Friday, 14 June 2013


On a sunny day we were having our first swimming lesson, we were all excited.   

Once all of us got dressed into our swimming togs we all  went down to the  courts because that’s where the swimming pool was.

We all went inside and went to our groups. The man’s name was Kevin and the girl’s name was Jillian. It was a beautiful when I went inside the pool, it was big and I wasn’t scared of the pool. After that we did floating and a little kicking she said we could have two minutes of free time.

Jillian said to us to go and change at the tent and I said to Jillian we had to get our bags first so she said “ok, bring your bags and put them in the tent so you can change”, I said “ok”.

After we were finished, we got our bag and went to class and ate some apples.

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