Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Recount

“Yay it’s Duffy Theater today on Monday morning”. After morning tea it was Duffy Theatre, we went and lined up outside and walked into the hall. We sat down and I saw Miss Arthur, Mr Rude and Lovely and the title of there story was Duffy loses his words and it was kind of funny because Duffy and Scruffy are brothers. And they was chasing around and it was my favourite part. After that he went to bed and he saw vautra and after that Duffy woke up and he saw Vautra and he was talking about his story when he lose on the stage. And after that Vautra put that thing on his head and after that Duffy went and ate his breakfast and Duffy’s Mum told him to put the rubbish out and the Man took the wrong box he took the toy box and Duffy has the rubbish box and the Mum said to him that Duffy are you sure that you put the rubbish away and he said yes Mum and then Mum went. And Duffy went to school with his Sister Afi and Duffy told Afi his dream about Vautra and Afi think’s that it was just a dream and then Duffy had a pink paper was on the ground and he showed it to Afi. And Afi couldn't read well and Afi knows that Duffy is not lying So they went. And when they read the paper it says you have to say Vautra three time and after that Vautra came and they had crossword and Duffy said he doesn’t  like crossword and then Duffy won and then Duffy read a book to his brother Scruffy.

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