Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids for Kids Recount

yay today is kids for kids.

Last Friday night we sang at the Kids for Kids concert in Mangere. We had to wear bright color clothes and there were 15 schools. When I was inside at the back stage and it was time to go to the stage and perform and I was to scared to sing.  When I saw all the people taking  photos of the schools I was brave to sing. Soon it was time to sing the first song we sang Haere Mai and after the Haere Mai we sang  There Something in the Water. It was exciting when we sang all together. After that we went off the stage and a break, we played games and ate chocolate biscuits. Soon it was time to line up and go back on the stage to sing Gumboots they wore a hat and they wore boots. After that Jackie and Nathan was talking jokes to people and after the jokes we started sing the Gumboots and it was funny.

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